OPP charge driver after tire comes off and damages 3 vehicles on QEW

Have you re-torqued your lug nuts yet this year? Here’s what could happen if you don't

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Police in Mississauga, Ontario have charged the driver of a vehicle who’s wheel came off on the Queen Elizabeth Highway, struck multiple other vehicles, and caused lane restrictions in both directions. 

The OPP Highway Safety Division posted about the traffic disruption on Sunday morning at 9:53 AM, attaching an image of a vehicle with a smashed windshield in the eastbound lane near Cawthra Rd. 

It’s a well-timed reminder as drivers across the nation change to winter tires: you should always have the lug nuts re-torqued around 50—100 km following a tire change or rotation, or any wheel-off service. 

If you don’t, you could end up like this poor sap. 


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Apparently the car’s left front tire came bouncing off while the vehicle was travelling down the road and struck two other vehicles, causing debris to fly off and strike another vehicle’s windshield. That’s three damaged vehicles, plus the one that lost the tire. A real mess, all due to a loose nut or two. 

As pointed out by a Twitter commenter, the tires on this vehicle appear to be worn all seasons and not winters, so the driver can’t even blame the incident on a recent change to seasonally-appropriate tires.  

Whatever fine accompanies the charge will likely pale in comparison to what’ll happen to this driver’s insurance rates once the damage on all three of the vehicles involved gets tallied up. 

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